A diamond in the rough is a pure thought of nature set in stone. Captured by time long ago, and hidden in Earth far below, Legami preserves each rock untouched and uncut, for you to bond just like nature wanted.
Bonds built to last are the most precious thing on Earth. In a diamond, carbon atoms connect so strongly, it is the most unbreakable material known to man. Rare and unique, all Legami diamonds are responsibly sourced, sought-after and discovered deep in Earth's mantle. Our hand-picked and individually inspected rocks remain unpolished, to give you glorious jewels of affection that stay authentic.


Legami is the only jewelry brand to mount these pure gems as-is, created eons ago by the forces of nature. Our jewel-tech innovation sets each stone in its purest form, carrying the softest glow of something that is a singular occurrence in space and time. Legami technology sets them within the brand’s knotted designs, while retaining their desirability and beauty, resilience and rarity.
We purposefully leave each rock uncut, to treasure for its quality and personality that cannot be duplicated, like your own once-in-a-lifetime find.