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Legami means Bond, that unshakable, inexplicable pull between people. Stronger than words, deeper than reason, your Legami shines like a jewel in your unbreakable bond.

The bond you have is symbolized by a knot, to tie your connection together, forever.

One-of-a-kind, precious and rare, a true bond is like a diamond in the rough. When you find it you know you have something special, it's a pure thought of nature shaped in stone. Taken as-is, to cherish and hold, the world of Legami brings you unique pieces with rough diamonds just as they are, untouched, unique, and brilliant.

Adorn your bond. Make your unbreakable bond visible.


Bonds between people inspire us. Every connection between two people always ties into a special story like no other. Here are perfect ways to uncover the unique union that you share, making your unbreakable bond beautifully visible, to take along with you wherever you go.

Our motif of knots expresses the timeless essence and powerful purpose that bonds you together. There is an endless nature in each knot, an infinite path, and an unceasing cycle for you to discover with the universal language of love and friendship, closeness and dreams, affection and trust.

Legami knots are emblems that carry extraordinary symbolic meaning. But it isn't set in stone until you give it your own interpretation. Your personal perspective reveals the pulse of your two hearts beating as one, in an unbreakable bond.


The Legami Knot lets you follow your dreams. By discovering remarkable opportunities to share hidden treasures, you celebrate a bond beyond imagination.

This knot captures the passionate loyalty of a joint journey, inspired by people putting their hearts and minds towards one horizon.

The word Legami literally means Bond, and it shows that an unbreakable bond belongs to those who do things from their soul. A Legami bond has that special stuff dreams are made of. Follow it.

Just like dreams, it knows the way.


The Adamas Knot signifies the beginning of everything. It happens the moment worlds meet and interlock, to create the strongest, most pure bond.

Much like the chemistry of a diamond, called Adámas in antiquity, naturally structured for resilience and brilliance, the Adamas Knot radiates the highest form of empowerment. It shows a rare form of attachment, built on virtue and beauty, where hopes and hearts interlace in a way only possible for those embracing each other to the fullest.

An Adamas bond both exhilarates and humbles you, letting you know that what you have is so unique, it naturally shines.


The Sailor Knot brings good fortune and happy devotion. Every new dawn rises with the promise that everything is made better by cherishing a beautiful bond.

The legend and lore of old time mariners tell of knotted jewelry sailors made for their loved ones, as a vow for their safe return and remembrance of being far but near. Inspired by this seaside tradition, the Sailor Knot lets you ride the same wave, and set sail across the deepest ocean of love, always finding your way back.

A Sailor bond is your anchor of security and support, a promise to accomplish amazing things by bringing out the best in each other.


The Spiritual Knot is a bond tied by the hand of providence. Harmony is sweetest between soulmates, twin flames growing and glowing side by side.

Those who learned to love once, somewhere, under the light of that place on the edge of time, will make their way unending. You believe and appreciate every kindness gracing each other's lives, and the Spiritual Knot shows you are bigger for it.

A spiritual bond breathes out of the clear candor shared by parallel beings that believe so profoundly in each other, their every fantasy is transformed into a full reality.


The Wabi Sabi Knot is a mark of what makes you special together. If your thoughts are stirred and your imagination is inspired, you have the perfect partner to passionately bond.

The Japanese way of Wabi Sabi means appreciating life's magical mystery of imperfection. By filling the little cracks and rough textures with the gold of your love, you can resonate deeply to find the good in each other.

A Wabi Sabi bond is fun and unexpected, just thinking about it leaves you smiling. It's the other half that makes you wholehearted.


There are so many ways to bond and create great things together. Our Legami lingo calls this splendor the Simple Knot, because it's how you choose to hitch your pendant onto the necklace you love.

Lace up and have fun with these gorgeous bailes, creating the perfect piece that shows your unbreakable bond.

Your Legami piece lets you know, and show, that what you have is simply right.


Proudly made in America with much love and care, Legami is passionate about perfection, just as we are about unbreakable bonds. Careful handmade craftsmanship is combined with top technology to fine-tune signature pieces, and highlight the heart of your bond. Read more about The Process...